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5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #92 by Dom Cassone
JoomFuse Bug Fix
JoomFuse has always created a username (your email) and a random password if neither was supplied. That has always worked great.

JoomFuse was also supposed to supply whatever was missing....that is, if you called JoomFuse with just my desired username, JoomFuse was supposed to create the password. Well it did not, it was all or none. It now works as intended: supply one, both or none and JoomFuse will fill in what is missing. Thanks to Justin Paperny for finding this bug.

JF Portal improvements
Several improvements have been made to JF Portal. First, a cancelled subscription was cancelled, but JF Portal still reported it as active....oops, a coding typo....fixed!

JF Portal reported the refunded status properly as No when no refund was issued, but reported a big long line of gobbledygook instead of a simple Yes...it does now! I found this on Ajarae Colman's website....thanks Ajarae!

Believe it or not the Invoice Total field never worked in JF Portal and none of us saw it until Matt Binz did. Because of his sharp eye, JF Portal now displays the actual Invoice Total.

Another thing that falls into the "How did we miss this" category was that the invoice detail page showed the products bought as their internal Infusionsoft ProductID....not real useful to us humans. Well, the product name now displays properly. I found this one....thanks Dom!

JoomFuse.com contains the new versions
All current JoomFuse clients can log into your JoomFuse account and download the new versions. You can simply install them right over your existing version. All your settings will be maintained.

These new versions are dated September 1, 2016

Now for the fun part....let your imaginations rip!
We are getting ready to start development on the next versions of JoomFuse and JF Portal and we already have a long list of cool ideas.

But we want to hear from you our loyal users. So, put on your thinking caps and tell us what you'd like to see in the next versions of JoomFuse or JF Portal.

No idea is off limits or too crazy....we don't promise that we will implement all of them, but you never know, we just might....in fact a lot of what is in JoomFuse right now came from client feedback!

BTW - I never put a forum post up about this, but JoomFuse and JF Portal both support the most current version of Joomla 3.6.2

To your success,
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