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5 years 4 months ago #123 by Dom Cassone
This new feature makes it easy for you to re-associate a user in Joomla to a contact in Infusionsoft when the user's Infusionsoft Contact ID has changed. This is only an occasional problem, but was harder than it needed to be to deal with.

To use the re-associate, click on Components -> JoomFuse and then select the user(s) you want to re-associate in Infusionsoft and click the Re-associate Entries button. This will cause JoomFuse to re-find the contact in Infusionsoft and make the association to that Contact ID (it could be the same).

NOTE: Re-associating a user does NOT sync the user data, user groups they should be in or any other changes. If you need that done as well, you will have to either make a change to the user and save the user, or do a manual HTTP post to JoomFuse from your browser (see my "Making "Quick & Dirty" JoomFuse calls" forum post).

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5 years 4 months ago #124 by Dom Cassone
Re-association becomes necessary when the Contact ID changes for a contact (or there are two contacts) that is already associated to a user in Joomla. The most common way that this happens is when you merge contacts (either manually in pairs, or automatically in bulk).

When duplicate contacts are merge, Infusionsoft always assigns the new merged contact the lowest Contact ID regardless. Most of the time that is exactly what you want, but not always. Take this scenario that will need a re-association:
  • Jane Smith signs up for your newsletter with one email address and is not a member of your membership site.
  • Later Jane Smith buys a subscription to your membership site using a different email address.
  • At some point you realize that the two contact records for Jane Smith are really the same person and you merge them.
  • Because Infusionsoft ALWAYS uses the lower Contact ID, the Contact ID that is associated with the Joomla user no longer exists.
  • Jane then buys another subscription to your membership site and even though everything went through properly she cannot access the new subscription.
  • That is because when JoomFuse was called for the new subscription the Contact ID had changed and JoomFuse ignored the call because the Contact IDs did not match.
  • SOLUTION: Re-associate, and make a manual call to JoomFuse using your browser.

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