Works like a charm

I highly recommend this union between Infusionsoft and Joomla! through JoomFuse.

If a subscription expires, Infusionsoft notifies Joomla through JoomFuse that the user no longer has access to the product and support.

We have been using it for several months now and once it is set up we don't have to think about anything.

When we needed support we got all the attention we needed to solve our problem.

Tom Kershaw
Posted Date : 2016-01-21

Stellar Support!

Thank you Joomfuse for assisting us in troubleshooting this issue and your stellar support in identifying the root cause of this issue with our hosting company and assisting with its resolution!

Ruth Caplin
Posted Date : 2016-04-22

Added an extra revenue stream

We wanted to add an extra revenue stream, via membership subscriptions, to our successful online shop which was built in Joomla. After researching various options ranging from Joomla components, freelance developers and a bespoke build from an digital agency we found JoomFuse and JF Portal. This allowed us to create a fully automated subscription service which once set up and tested required limited, if no, admin hours from our staff. A member is automatically created in Joomla, recurring payments managed and the user can manage their subscriptions and credit cards right from within the Joomla website.

We had a 2 week turn around (to hit our busiest time of the year) to get the integration between IFS and Joomla complete and tested which we achieved. There are good tutorial videos to run you through getting everything set up but if you get stuck the support from Dom and his team is incredible, speaking with us over Skype and giving a good explanation of everything.

Alex Heeney
Red-Fern Media
United Kingdom
Posted Date : 2016-02-03

I appreciate the specific response

I appreciate the specific response, not many people take the time out to address their customers individually. You guys are doing a good job. I will definitely use Joomfuse down the road if I pick up more clients that should require such features. Thank you.

Rick Eckert
Elite Web STL
St. Louis
elitewebstl.com Posted Date : 2015-06-16

JoomFuse made our Infusionsoft decision easy

We were in the process of updating our website and in need of a new CRM program. We had already purchased a Joomla website template and were up in the air of going with Infusionsoft. It was because of Dom and the ease of Joomfuse that we decided for it. He helped every step of the way, seamlessly integrating the two programs and helping build our first membership campaign. Anytime we had a question, he answered our calls. Recently (after some security problems) we decided to host our website though Dom and have no such issues since the switch.

If you happen to be the type of person that knows nothing about the two, joomla and infusionsoft, as I did, no need to worry. Dom will be there every step and will make sure that you understand the system before you are ready to launch anything.

Eleacia Thesing
Bridgeway Learning Systems
Coon Rapids
Posted Date : 2015-01-10

A Breath of Fresh Air

Working with you to date has been a Breath of fresh air in my relations with this Industry

Dr David Kalin
International Board of Medicine and Surgery
ibms.us Posted Date : 2017-09-02

Even wishlist items appear in next version

We have been using JoomFuse for about 5 months now and it is doing a great job! Previously we were using another Plugin for subscription management and it was a complete failure.  We decided to use Infusionsoft for both our marketing and subscription management, but linking Joomla to the tags in Infusionsoft was a huge issue.  JoomFuse completely solved our problem and we haven't looked back.

Currently our site is completely integrated between Infusionsoft and Joomla.  Subscription management happens on the Infusionsoft side and it instantly syncs with my joomla groups and user info.  A huge headache is now completely gone.

In addition Dom Cassone has been a great resource making everything work.  He has been helpful not only with requests for JoomFuse help, but also with anything we have asked him related to Joomla and Infusionsoft.

Even wishlist items I mentioned appeared in the next version.  

Thank you Dom.

Doug Robertson
Port St Lucie
Posted Date : 2014-08-13

I want to thank...

I want to thank Dom and Zacaw for their work on our Infusionsoft store and for providing the membership integration with JoomFuse. Being a membership site with some products created barriers and obstacles to the base store design. In every case, Dom thought through the problems and created answers or found other vendors who could make our unique approach happen. I highly recommend Zacaw for their creativity and persistence.

John Anderson
The Quilt Show.com
http://www.TheQuiltShow.com Posted Date : 2014-10-22

completely revolutionized my...business

The JF Portal addition to JoomFuse has completely revolutionized my subscription-based business. Before Joomfuse, my team and I had to do so much mindless administrative work to manage customer subscriptions in Infusionsoft and integrate that with access to our site (new subscribers, credit card failures, unpaid invoices, upgrades, etc.). And now our site handles all of it automatically with Joomfuse. No one is wasting time, and nothing falls through the cracks.

The Joomfuse development team was so thoughtful as they created this app, and they are constantly looking for suggestions from users. They provide pretty amazing support as well... I don't think they ever sleep. If you have a Joomla site and you want to make it a membership site that runs smoothly, look no further. This is for you.

Ajarae Coleman
The Workshop Guru
Los Angeles
theworkshopguru.com Posted Date : 2016-01-23

Integrates Seamlessly

When I invested in Infusionsoft, I was told that it would integrate seamlessly with my Joomla membership site, and then I was dismayed when I quickly found out that was NOT the case. I had no idea what I was going to do. Thank goodness for JoomFuse! It is so much more reliable than any of the Joomla membership extensions I've tried in the past (painfully), and best of all, I can harness the power of Infusionsoft to build my membership. The customer service at JoomFuse is wonderful; Dom (almost literally) held my hand through the entire setup from across the country, and he makes sure I really understand how everything works. If you have a Joomla membership site, look no further.

Ajarae Colman
Workshop Guru, LLC
Los Angeles
http://www.theworkshopguru.com Posted Date : 2014-07-10

JoomFuse is a Lifesaver

Simply put, Joomfuse has been a lifesaver for my company. As a new internet entrepreneur with a membership-based platform, I purchased Infusionsoft before developing my Joomla website. At the time, I had no idea the two systems could not communicate with each other to enable my members to manage their accounts. Joomfuse has saved a significant amount of staff time and labor, as we no longer have to manually update information in 2 systems. I’ve been extremely pleased with the the Joomfuse customer support and highly recommend this app.

Jon Drenckhahn
Future Sports Business Executives
http://www.fsbe.org Posted Date : 2014-07-10

Overall, I'm Impressed

A well engineered extension.  Overall, I'm impressed.

Your advice solved my problem.  Overall, I love the simplicity.

Sean Tepper
Tepper Industries
Posted Date : 2015-12-16

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